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    "If you want to cut through the crap and get hard hitting, actionable personal guidance with a spiritual edge either at the corporate or personal level, no-one delivers like Chris. He's the real deal." - Kim W.




    use nature to move from motivation to inspiration


    means keeping the fire in the belly alive 

    Turning Up

    the art of fulfillment

    Helicopter Mindset

    the overview effect


    Life Balance

    the essence of micro balance

    Catch A Feather

    A grasping mind is a stressful mind

    Real Diversity

    a deeper conviction


    Mind, Body and Spirit

  • Helicopter Mindset

    Stay above the clouds

    mental clarity and comfort where and when you need.

    Big Picture

    Being Real

    At Home

    At Work

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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  • Life Balance

    Bring balance to you - a balanced person goes on holidays for an adventure because they are already balanced and recovered. Learning recovery skills to daily healthy balance is a critical part of family happiness and wellbeing


    Calle San Roque 28, 10452 Algete,​ Madrid​

    Innerwealth - Nature and You

    We know that people are different in nature: more relaxed, happier, healthier, more generous, more calm. So, why not bring nature to the city. Not just trees and rivers, but in the way we think about things like diversity, wellbeing, inner calm, vision and love.

    Body Balance

    A balanced body means you save physical energy and reduce wear and tear on your back and legs

    Mind Balance

    A balanced mind means you save energy and come home happy

  • What We Do

    A bit of bragging here

    Corporate Retreat Specialist

    Trekking in the Himalayas, bathing in Bali, cleansing in health retreats or kayaking in Canada, Christopher Walker does whatever it takes to find the perfect environment to get results. These retreats are about finding answers, resolving issues and creating an inspired vision for the future. If you are looking to take the next step into inspired living, these retreats will give you the largest step you can take.


    Keynote Presentations

    Christopher uses the power of the human heart to weave a story of balance and personal inspiration. He focuses on technology in human potential and puts it forward with energy and commitment. You and your people will become more effective in your personal and professional lives by understanding how to be inspired, how to inspire others, how to develop peace of mind, how to develop deeper intuition and how to relax and enjoy the journey of life and work.

    Performance Coach

    Christopher Walker has consulted to individuals and corporations for 25 years. His background is a blend of business management (MBA) and Environmental Engineering (BE) balanced with qualifications in human development, meditation, and psychology. Christopher’s view comes from every possible angle in order to see the real truth. From Trekking and climbing the Himalayas to kayaking the waters of the Southern Ocean and practicing yoga/meditation across Southern Asia. Chris leaves no stone unturned offering guidance, coaching and consulting. There is no person more qualified to consult to you in inspired living.

    Business Consultant

    For 25 years now, Christopher Walker has been a consultant, originally a consultant on global environment and corporate change, Christopher realised his inspiration to inspire the individual. For the past 15 years Christopher Walker has been a professional speaker, using his knowledge in environment management (or the laws of nature) and corporate change, Christopher has brought reality to finding your truth. His relentless work to bring people back to their true path has inspired countless individuals.

    Author - Human Potential

    Chris Walker is also a prolific writer which, for a “dyslexic moron,” as his high school teacher referred to him, is quite some surprise. He’s written over 20 books yet Chris acknowledges, he still hasn’t read his first one. Chris has also made a profound influence through his extensive work with indigenous people in Canada,. He also credits this experience working with indigenous people in Canada, to one of the greatest transformations in his own life.

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