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2019 - More Love - our journey together

I am your coach. I want you to have more love in your life by the end of 2019 than you did at the start. This requires a few awareness that I would love to share with you now.

1. Consciousness.

There are many efforts in the world to discuss consciousness with you but most are tainted with moral, social, religious or ethical bias. That consciousness, so corrupted, is not what I speak of. There are only five universal laws. You will have learnt them from me. I have shown you those five laws over and over and used nature to demonstrate their veracity. Consciousness means that you see any one of those five laws in action. I will give you just one simple example:

The Law of Balance: Your friend lies to you. This can make you feel hurt. That is called "Unconscious" and there is no love in that feeling. If, however, your friend lies to you and you see the benefit (pleasure) as well as the hurt, you are conscious and unmoved by their actions. Consciousness in this way is truth.

2. Self Love

Rhetoric abounds in the art of self love mostly driven by the fast food appetite to feel good instantaneously. Self-love is more than this. I will give you one example but their are millions. You see a friend behave in a way you dislike - maybe they drink like a warrior and you feel threatened. Self love is to use this event to "see yourself." What you judge in your friend, is what you judge in you. Can you have the courage to love yourself in 2019? It will take a large and polished mirror for you to turn the focus from changing the world, back to loving yourself. This leads to you saying "there's nothing to change only something to love."

3. The World

You may currently define your family as those you share the same blood with, or DNA but this is small and stressful. You are a giant because all humanity can become your family and those whose blood you share can become less of an addiction and more of a community. Local and non local awareness makes you a great human being, not the dollars you bank or approval rating some fictitious HR model has determined to be a scale of your worth. You are a giant amongst people, and To grow your love in 2019 you will need to see this and have a purpose greater than your ego (self).

4. Sex

Great sex is the foundation stone of all eastern teaching. Meditation is the art of sex. Yoga includes sex. Taoism is sex related. Only western versions of religions have separated a good night or afternoon of sex from the definition of great self respect, consciousness and world growth. I encourage you to measure your power, love and health by your libido and not be ashamed to want more, enjoy more and make your sex last more. This is a conversation that needs to be had especially in homes where children have dominated the space and made a great intimacy a rare opportunity rather than the norm.

I welcome you to 2019 with me. I am, for sure, the anti guru guru and wish to let you know that nothing, nothing at all will stop me from helping you experience and share more love in 2019, except for one thing, you choosing to say no. I love love, I love life, nature is my teacher and I'd love to help you celebrate that more in 2019

Love and light


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