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A Christmas Gift For You: A Great Book for Improving Life, Love and Joy.

The most important skill in learning stillness, and therefore mastery of the middle mind – is to do what you love and love what you do. To find a passion, outside a relationship with a purpose, social contribution, creative outlet, or sport; and do it with all your heart and soul, obsessively.

The idea that needs to be taken into consideration is that there are many elements to life: Work, money, health, relationship, children, society, spirituality, global events. And they must all achieve a level of devotion. But there is something, which sits over the top of all these and this, is your inspiration, your passion, and your purpose in life. It is like a silk thread that weaves its way through everything you do. The passion to animate life comes from this.

The musician builds their life around their music. The artist builds their life around their art. The writers around their writing, the race car drivers around car racing and; everything fits around it, including their relationship. Never be ashamed of your passion but never use it to avoid your lower mind responsibility to yourself, your family or your world. They can all work in harmony. See my book reflections on Love.

Your vision of the future – Magnetism.

Love has no logic, so this muddy water is thick with emotion. Don’t let anyone make up your mind for you, but at the same time, don’t act impulsively. The key is to know that it is going to be ok, no matter which way it goes.

Love itself doesn’t lead to attachment. So, the ability to love someone, and the process of letting go are very much the same thing. Ultimately all pain in separation has nothing to do with love. It has to do with fears, needs and most importantly, our future dreams.

When we are going through personal crisis – like our career or family, we overly cling to relationships. This often smoothers them and leads to their collapse because we loaded too much of our emotional baggage onto someone else. Our partner is not our therapist, psychologist, business coach, doctor or lawyer but often we treat them as if they are. We seek all sorts of things from our relationships during times of challenge and therefore sabotage them. So, sometimes, when our work or health is at its worst we cling so hard to someone, we actually place excessive pressure on our relationship and blow it away. So, an important step in sorting out whether to stay or go is getting the rest of our life together.

However, the real issue regarding the question of stay or go is the future. Any relationship with great sex and good food can be made to survive the present moment, however, the real magnetism is the proposition of the future.

When we lose trust for someone, we lose trust for the future so we start valuing the moment. All we want is present moment happiness because anything else is just impossible to even image. This relationship is over.

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