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Award Ceremony in Canberra

It was a proud day in Canberra when Ambassador for Nepal, H. E Lucky Sherpa presented me with a certificate of Appreciation from the Nepalese Government for the work I've done for Nepal. Hon Consul General Deepak Kadkha was also in attendance along with Hon Consul Generals from Melbourne and Perth. Ambassadors from many countries were also in attendance and their congratulations was warmly received.

For me, it is not so much the accolade for doing the work I have done for Nepal and her families that make this award so special, it is the fact that so many people care about the welfare of a country that has so much to offer the world and yet, has so little financial support that gets to the people who need it.

As the tax system changes in Nepal and the child protection systems strengthen to stop foreign exploitation of children and youth at risk, there will be an enormous growth in Nepal's education and this will be a great benefit for both economics and health in Nepal.

This is a country we love to visit. Her culture is the absolute benchmark of corporate diversity, individual humility and community. Her mountains inspire greatness and her natural resources are the most healing on earth. I love to export Nepal in all my work, expanding compassion, mindfulness and cooperation between people. I believe that there are great gifts to be had in visiting Kathmandu, Pokhara, and the hundreds of communities reachable only by foot. Nepal is not a glass window experience, you walk amongst her antiquities, you dialogue with her wise ones and you get to immerse yourself in her environment. Not galleries or text book experience, this is truly a country where, if you are prepared to get your hands dirty, you'll have an unforgettable life changing journey.


I've been to Nepal mountains over 55 times. I just can't wait to go back. I love her walking trails and I love the food, the people the dancing and the exhaustion of high altitude trekking. I would love to help you go, with your family, with me or on your own. If you need help to find the best ways to get lost in Kathmandu or Pokhara or would love to trek a suitable 3,4 or 5 star accomodation trail - just ask. I will willingly help you, from my heart to yours. Chris

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