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Building Mental Strength

What is Mental Strength?

  • It’s what makes youget out of bed early to train when you’d rather hit snooze for another 15 minutes.
  • It’s what makes you stay focussed, when your body tells you to give up.
  • It’s the confidence that you’re stronger and capable of more.
  • It’s the clarity of knowing exactly what you want, why you want it and how you’re going to accomplish it.
  • It’s the resilience that allows you to bounce back from obstacles and set-backs.
  • It’s the discipline of being accountable to yourself.
  • It’s learning from both your mistakes and your successes so you can keep improving.
  • It’s the calm that comes with being organisedand adaptable.
  • It’s the focus that allows you to dig deeper, push harder and reach farther than you thought possible.
  • It’s being prepared.
  • It’s making things happen.
  • It’s being relaxed under pressure.
  • It’s wholly responsible for what you achieve.
  • It’s believing that you can. No matter what.

The Why

Being mentally strong doesn’t happen by accident. It has to be developed.

This programmewill help you build your mental strength by putting in place the four habits of the mentally strong (which we’ll talk more about in the workbook).

We’ve focused on practical, common sense activities. Many of these activities will be things you’ll already know you should be doing. Some will be new to you. All will be useful.

We’ll start you off gradually, helping you get clarity on the things that are important to you. We’ll give you some tasks to complete and some simple systems to put in place.

As time goes on, you’ll build upon what you’ve learned. You’ll add to your skills, deepen habits and strengthen convictions. You’ll find your confidence growing. You’ll experience your willpower increasing and discover new, positive ways to think about yourself and what you’re capable of.

When you’re done with all the modules, you’ll already be a different person than when you started.

Your mental strength will be your power.


Like you, I’m no stranger to high achievement. I know what it feels like to push myself to the edge, to test my limits. I know the desire to keep improving, to get better and do more.

And perhaps like you, I used to doubt myself more than I should. My motivation ebbed and flowed. I wondered if I could.

I often got nervous. I didn’t always learn from my experiences.

And, sometimes my confidence seemed as far away as the top of Mt Ama Dablam, my favorite Himalayan mountain. I could feel strong physically, but not always mentally.

And probably like you, there was a time when I never seriously tried to change that.

But ask any coach or elite athlete and they’ll tell you: The mind is even more important than the body. Mental strength training is a key part of how they prepare for success. So why do we pay so little attention to this in business and life?

We spend so much energy trying to emulate great leaders — the way they act, the human science they use, the clothes they wear, even the food they eat — but 99% of us don’t even consider mental strength as something worth focusing on.

Why is that? It’s true we may not be vying for the top step of the corporate ladder in a fortune 100 firm, but we all have goals. We all want to improve and be successful in our own way.

If anything, a strong mental game is even more important for those of us with career ambitions, families, and limited time to exercise than it is for a professional athlete.

And so we give you The Innerwealth Mental Training Programme, another part of our Holistic Training System covering the Seven Areas of Life.

Developed with leading sports psychologists, as well as elite performance coaches, I’m extremely excited about this programme. We’ve worked hard to demystify mental training, giving you simple, practical and useful ways to develop a powerful mental game.

Having created the programme myself, it’s changed how I approach client’s growth needs, how I deal with pain, and how motivated I am to do the work I need to do to stay on top of my game. Above all, it’s helped me think more positively about my capabilities.

And so, over the next ten weeks, I’m going to do the same for you. And just imagine what you can accomplish when you truly, deeply know what you want, why you want it and have the conviction that you can do it.

Believe in yourself. You can do it.

With Spirit,
Chris Walker Founder & Director, Innerwealth.
Driven by Your Success



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