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Change: Resistance is Futile


Change isn't an Option

I look down at my hand and it isn't the hand I've always known. It looks like someone else's hand. It's older.

That representation of change is conspicuous even to me. But there are billions of changes taking place in our life that we can't see. Mind, body deterioration are two examples. The best example however is when we think we can resist change.

In a session I might discuss some exercises or awareness that my client might enjoy. A week later they are often not done. When questioned my client, who has paid me to help them change, doesn't really want to.

The most common mistake about change is expecting everyone else to do it. Instead of wearing shoes we'd rather coat the world in leather. Everyone thinks their watch tells the right time. We want change, but ultimately we want others to change. And they won't.

Change means facing the unknown. And that is what people are afraid of.

Sometimes we're just not motivated to face the challenge of change. But we will be. The challenge will grow in cost until change is a must. Then, instead of evolution we face a revolution in our lives. Unnecessary pain.

So, my suggestion is be uncomfortable. Change must, by its nature be uncomfortable.

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