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Closing the Week on Abundance - Review and Improve

I need nothing, I want nothing and therefore I have everything... Empowerment by Chris Walker

My dad used to think that worrying about something, changed it. He died young, well at least his mind did. As age started to impact my dad's thinking, he confessed that it was all the necessary worry that actually killed him, not age. Actually, worry makes problems worse, and shortens our life span. So why do we do it?

Lack of Abundance is why we worry...

My dad had an excuse for worry. He didn't trust anything greater than himself and understandably so, because his wife, my mum, died with my younger brother just 6 months old. Why would he ever feel abundant ever again with that theft on his heart and mind. My dad worried and died worried because he didn't trust the universe, nature, god or any other derivative of it. Of course there's a benefit to everything and as a worrier, not warrior, he ran a very tight ship with his small business and paid our bills through high school.

How did you go this week with embedding Abundance into your life? Review and Improve

Personal development is so easy as long as we don't have to change anything about ourselves. I know you actually made any changes to your thinking this week as a result of the abundance focus we shared unlike 99.999999999% of people who do personal development who read, watch, understand, but change nothing. New action implemented is change created.

So, let me hear from you. Let me know by text or email or comment below what changes happened in your life this week from seeing the abundance in your life. I promised that if you did become more abundant three things would happen and I'd love to hear from you whether the promises made good.

1. You'd feel younger

2. You'd relate to people better

3. You'd be more attractive...

Next week, it's CALM.... and how to be excited, and calm in the same moment....

With Inspiration


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