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COURAGE: Courage is not a human trait, it is the result, the consequence of a sequence of human traits.

There is no other result from your personal development:

Mental Strength is the result. And the results of Mental Strength include Courage.

All other results flow from Mental Strength.

If you want more success at work: Mental Strength. If you want more money: Mental Strength. If you want to run faster, swim further, lower your golf handicap: Mental Strength. More love, more spirit, more heart, more friendships: Mental Strength.

At Innerwealth we distilled Mental Strength to save you time.

Mental health is Mental Strength.

Use “Nature’s Principles” as a guide. They never change and they function the same everywhere. #lovelife

Love Life

Loving life is a commitment. Commitment takes courage, which comes from mental strength.

Work on the cause of courage not the effect. If you work on mental strength you will have the courage to be committed to love life. All else will be temporary without Mental Strength.

Mental strength comes from nature’s_principles”

No matter what we do or where we go, no matter rain or sunshine, night or day, we know that if it isn’t perfect as it is right now, it never will be. This you learn from Nature's Principle #3.

You can break the habit of thinking that tomorrow will be better than today and accept the "Nature Principle" of Innerwealth: that nothing will ever change, it will only change in form.

In other words you are perfect as you are. You can't change. You can change the form. You can be happier at home, but as a consequence, sadder at work. If you can appreciate life the way you’ve got it, you get life the way that you want it” - this is “Nature Principle #3” and it works in Nepal, Canada, Australia, Africa in the ocean and on the mountain, in fact everywhere. Even at Work.

Mental Strength fixes problems in the boardroom and the headroom. It is Nature's Principles that gives you a global view on a local life.

Mental Strength Is Not A Fixed Headset

You will hear fixed thinkers saying "In Buddhism we strive for inner peace" or "in our church we strive for kindness" or "in our yoga class we believe in non-violence." This is the opposite to mental strength. To hold a fixed ideal is mental weakness.

“Those who have swords and know how to use them, but keep them sheathed”... will inherit the earth.

Marketing is a powerful tool. Seducing people who want an antidote to a problem to buy a packaged solution. "Dishes not clean" buy this soap. "Running out of time" ... buy this flight. Problems seek solutions and marketing is the bridge between them. Problem --- Marketing --- Solution --- Sale.

Marketing works in your brain too. We all need four questions answered: Where am I going? Why am I here? Who am I? And where did I come from? When our answers are not clear, or missing entirely, we have a REAL PROBLEM, a subconscious insecurity and we either need good answers (Mental Strength) or cover up solutions. Cover up solutions come in the form of things that mask the real issue, things that make us feel better but don't solve the REAL PROBLEM. Hence, marketing for soap powders, clothing, cars and perfume etc try to fill a need, to mask over the REAL QUESTIONS and this includes: personal development and most packaged Eastern teachings. Substitutes that make us feel good and at the same time give us the feeling that we've resolved the real issue. (THE FOUR QUESTIONS).

Mental Strength is the foundation of all Personal Development. It is flexible thinking not rigid. Chris Walker

Here are the four targets for all marketing: And the four appetites we get when mental strength and inner calm abandon us. It is way better to focus yourself on the cause of your disturbance (one of the four questions) rather than become addicted to the "masks of marketing" and the "four appetites." This is the gift of Mental Strength and Inner Calm.

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