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Do you know how to connect to your soul

Soul is important. You need it in your business life. You certainly need it at home. One cannot exactly know their soul in the material sense because it's located at infinity (or nearby) but we can approximate when we're close to it. I guess, for those who know it, it's a feeling that no-one can explain, even though, many have tried.

Your life purpose, (do you remember yours) is soul given. Your absolute love for your family and children that's unconditional is soul given. Your sense of awe on a mountaintop or in an art gallery when you're mesmerised by something, is soul given. These moments, most of which are accidental, are the memories you will reflect on during the last breaths of your current life. Moments of soul are moments of truth. The rest, like flotsam, will drift into oblivion.

There is a frame into which you can place your approximation to soul. Call it a picture frame, and those four corners of that frame are your unique zone. You will need to ask me to help you label those four because they are inspired, and come from knowing you, they are your happy place, a boundary when you are inside it you act inspired and soul driven, and when outside it, you react, and live unsustainably exhausted. This frame is what you must know in order to work inspired, to think inspired at work.

I would rather have the whole world against me than my own soul -

We all have different names for it. Some call it God, others Spirit, and then there are states of euphoria we can call Soul, like passionately falling in love or the inspiration of standing on a mountain top after a hard climb. For me, I get it on a bus in Sydney. Soul is life and without it, we're empty vessels, plugging away, making a living and babies waiting for the end game to conclude.

The reason self help often fails is because in the end you realise that there's no self to help... Just a soul.

Soul never dies. it's permanent. We die out of our body, we don't die out of our soul. Self love will eventually lead to this awareness. There's actually no self to help. Self love leads to the awareness of soul.

Joy, love, inspiration, Qi, prana, success, the zone, are more than lucky moments. These make you - you. They are not luxuries nor the achievements of monks in caves in the Himalayas. These are what make making babies and earning money, spectacular. And therefore, it's worth knowing what holds us back from having what we deserve, more of them, in life.

Self respect often competes with obligations - other respect. We see selfish behaviour and label it something we don't want to be branded with. But this is really a big mistake. You, not your pleasure or pain, righteousness or pride, but you, your soul, must come first. This is where the adage "you can't give what you haven't got" comes from. It is your ability to tap your soul, to feel soul driven, to feel that core experience every single day of your life and for most of the day, that gives you the right to "make this world a better place" from your footprint.

What more do your babies want but your soul?

What more do your babies want but your soul? When you are at work, people around you want to feel it too. We are not easily deceived by the words of a heartless individual, even when we want to be deceived, we know what lies beneath empty words. So, it is this drive to be authentic to ourselves that stimulates the real outcomes of personal and business development, it is a connection to Soul.

Nothing happens without Soul

Beneath all the noise of the day, there's another vibration, like a subway running below the surface, driving everything really. We may take actions above the ground but Soul is embedded in everything. We are not required to make it public, but we are wise, in our choices, to include the awareness because this is what makes, good living and feeling right about your path, sustainable. It's what puts your head on the pillow and gives you peace at night, deep rest. Soul is what bounces you back to your best after your body or ego gets a learning. Soul is important to you because, ultimately, you can follow it, trust it and enjoy what happens with it.

Self - leadership is a spiritual thing....

Finally, finding your Soul isn't necessary. Meditation is good for your nerves. Religion is good for your mind. But there is truly nothing to find. There is nothing to achieve. If you aren't perfect already, you never will be. All we need to do to find and enjoy the experience of Soul, is to quiet the noise in our brain - "worry, anxiety, greed, anger, frustration, stress, jealousy." And recognise that these are also our friends that will never be eradicated, only controlled.

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