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Do you know your 4 picture frame words?

In the last post "DO you know how to connect to your soul?" I mentioned the Four Word Frame that helps you approximate your own individual purpose, soul and inspiration in life.

I've helped many of you find your four words but maybe you'd like to know the Innerwealth Technology behind it?

So, it begins with this amazing diagram of the structure of your higher and lower minds - your consciousness. The key in this diagram is to recognise that the language used represents a part of your brain. Each thought goes to a certain area of your brain for processing and storage. The processing causes, in the smallest of time, a reaction or action. Got to, for example triggers your adrenalin and sparks huge stress across the cells of your body. The result is a spontaneous action or reaction. This is often unconscious, but we can say these lower level process are lower level emotions: anger, fear, jealousy, greed, resentment, envy, hate and rage. Such emotions are powerful, almost uncontrollable.

Our Aim

The objective of life leadership is to operate in the top four regions of the brain as much as possible. This is referred to as inspired, rather than in the lower four, which is called, motivated. Big energy can be generated by both. Anthony Robbins uses the lower "High Emotional" states to give his audience the feeling of the higher states. I hope you can see that hype is good for those without other more subtle and sophisticated mechanisms. We have those:

Here, below, you see the individual goes right to the primal level of emotions before turning it around, hopefully.

Below, this, more conscious person, the very same emotions occur, but the individual has process to deal with that reaction, perception, belief or emotion, way before it starts to destroy good energy or cause undue turbulence in their life or work.

Finally, in this individual below, a belief system, usually underpinned by fundamentalism, self help or narcissistic self help (yoga and meditation for example) has caused them to believe that the mind is a fixed block of right and wrongs, in which we compete or compare ourselves to an external model of good or bad person. Unfortunately, the model below causes all mental and emotional health problems and is accountable for suicide and violence. The opposite to this model below is a flexible - growth mindset.

So, we want to spend as much time in the higher realms of the mind, higher mind, as possible. The keys to this are:

1. Discipline over the body (being healthy)

2. Mindfulness about language

3. A commitment to a process to embrace but not be trapped in emotions

4. An awareness of "Soul, or in today's language, your Four Frame Words - You're inspirations.

At the top of the cone, you'll see "LOVE TO" - a place that's really hard to sustain in the real world because it's connected to Soul, and really, you need a non interrupted environment to hold this no challenge space (eg an ashram or zen retreat or a walk in the Himalayas) so, in the real world we create what's called a life purpose, a single idea that draws you and everything you do, back up toward the higher mind states. Just below that purpose, at the "CHOOSE TO" level of the brain, the Cortic Brain, we have a great opportunity to enlist the help of the Four Frame Words to draw you back up, closer to your inspiration at work and at home.

In this video, lasting 12 minutes, I give a little more detail of the higher and lower mind.

Your Four Frame Words

We begin with an empty frame. It's important to know that this is the best way to see your soul. Emptiness.

Then, so we can understand those four words, we break them down into four categories.

So, this is how we break it down in order to explore your Four Frame Words.

1. What one word best describes you in the past?

2. What one word best describes you in the future?

3. What one word best describes you in the present?

4. What one word best describes you deeply below the surface?

Here are mine:


Whatever I do, i work to ensure those four words (all four) are included in the process of my work, home, relationship, sport and friendship. These are my ground zero. I could tattoo them on my arm, they'll never change.

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