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Evolve At Work Means: Get More Done In Less Time

"work expands to fill the time allotted to it" -

This old rule of thumb that work expands to fill the time allotted to it is one of the great wisdoms of business life. It goes hand in hand with "if you've got an urgent job, give it to a busy person." But there's a tipping point. If a person is flustered or stressed as a result of being busy, the quality of their work decreases exponentially and the time they'll take expands on the infinite scale. So, staying busy is important, getting too busy is destructive. Getting things done in the shortest time might not be the most healthy definition of good work. It could be conundrum... until

You Understand Yourself

1. Which of the seven levels of human being do you thrive at?

2. What are your values and are they being served in order of priority?

3. Are you running hot or cold right now based on the cycles of order and chaos?

4. Are you motivated or inspired right now?

5. How much frustration are you facing in each and every area of life?


Nature never moves in straight lines. Our productivity, output, effectiveness is always changing based on our levels of distraction or discomfort. It's up to us to know where we are at so we don't make unwise work load choices and live to regret it.

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