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How much does it cost for 12 months coaching


Casual $600/Session

This is a two hour session taken online or in person, it is specifically focussed on sorting things out and clarifying the future. It is an opportunity to find out what's really going on inside and steer yourself in the right direction. It can also heal hurt.

Back on Track 30 Day Challenge $2800

This is a thirty day kick start program that can be done at the beginning of a longer term coaching relationship. The inclusion of the Back on Track is a requirement and can either be included in the annual fee or paid separately.

12 Months Coaching $7600

Can include the 30 day challenge above (first month) reducing the actual 11 month fee to $4800 ($100 per week) this includes weekly or bi weekly calls as well as extended meetings at least each 3 weeks.

In Australia, all fees are tax deductible and the above fees do not include GST if required.

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