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Inner Calm Summary For the Week

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Inner Calm is more from the outside than we think:

The next time someone suggests you sit on a cushion for inner calm, ask them “will it hold strong at work, will it make me more adaptable, will I be able to use it in competitive sport, can I still eat meat😁😁?”

Inner calm is a big process - chunked down into small bites, you can take it everywhere.

Your inner calm can arbitrate, negotiate, mediate, mobile meditate, contemplate, investigate, but it will never ever procrastinate.

Not a strong wind,

nor a surge of pressure,

nor anything for that matter.

Take you off track.

When your mind and body.

Is balanced, aligned, in harmony with nature.

Please print this and put it on your wall. Practice the elements of mental and emotional calm and your body will be calm. Do this daily to bring yourself to the peak of your self leadership, to the summit of your life, to the best you can be for others. Inner calm is the greatest force for achieving anything, physically, emotionally and mentally. Inner calm is your true self - alive

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