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Innerwealth Back On Track - Managing Transitions Well


We are always in transition

Change is happening all around us, and within us. We are in transition whether we like it or not. From where and to where is the question on everybody's lips. Where was I? Where am I going?

Transitions can be painful or not

Fighting change is like holding your breath. You've got to let go eventually. Everything must circulate to grow, especially us. We must move. When we resist change we attract calamities, disasters and humbling circumstances. So, that's the ugly way of managing change. Doing nothing is actually doing something, it's getting you closer to a personal tsunami. So why do we resist change?

Two questions solve most transitions

Who are you?

Why are you here?

These two questions lean toward and in most ways, define our identity. And it's this little animal that causes us to resist change. We build up an identity and we don't want to change it. However you define it, happy, single, married, strong, fast, slow, careful, loving, spiritual, sporty, fun loving, sexy, wealthy, smart, good looking, well groomed, young, etc. All these words add up to one thing, our identity. If we are unwilling to change who we think we are and why we are here, we find ourselves somewhat stuck when it comes to change. In fact, the more adhered to our identity we are, the more we want others to change for us.

Avoid the Speed-bumps

  • Don't blame others for upsetting you, it blocks you and gives your power away
  • Don't listen to advice you wouldn't pay for
  • Admit you are in transition and define from where to where and then ask for help
  • If you don't know from where to where, get more help
  • Seek a strong experienced advisor in getting you into and through your transition (no fluff)

Follow the yellow brick road

Everything you are going through in transition has been gone through before by somebody. Nothing is new. So, look for some existing pathway and don't start thinking you're the only one in the world this ever happened to. There are millions. Luck we have Google. But more importantly, seek the help of someone who has actually walked down the path you are on. It's so much better than academic advice.

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