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Is there a Framework for Ongoing Coaching?


Most of the ongoing life coaching is unstructured. In this way, I can adapt to your needs and treat you as a unique and empowered person rather than a stereotype in which a fixed agenda, curriculum or program should be adhered to. However, I love acronyms and enjoy working with skills that you can repeat and share. So, i have hundreds of models I've created, each one uniquely designed to reconcile a known challenge.


Reality, Energy, Attitude, Life - One of my oldest and most preferred overview solutions. Keeps us clear


Vision, Inspiration and Purpose paves the way to one of the most important awareness in business, life and relationship. A clear and honest aspiration, desire and ambition can create the most wonderful resilience and sometimes needs to repaired in change is too quick.


Gratitude, Presence, Certainty and Love... Live by this motto and your quality of mental and physical life will be superb. I've proven this acronym thousands of times, even in the Olympics.


Easy to remember, great for team cultures. Gratitude, Inspiration, Vision and Enthusiasm creates an unbeatable team spirit.

Four Substitutes

Food, Greed, Sex and Spirituality are nature's substitutes for real spirit in life. We tend to go to extremes in these areas in order to deal with a lost situation. Better, we think, to repair than substitute.



Build, Store, Stop waste, Direct - This is the overview of Self-Leadership

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