Ignorance isn't bliss

Once there was a man who worked so hard that he turned to stone. It wasn't easy to be him. He wanted the best for everyone, even tried to please the boss. But he turned to stone. That's not what his boss wanted. She wanted him to be happy, or so she said. But each day she loaded him with more work and paid him just a little more so he didn't realise that he was turning to stone. It wasn't a deliberate execution. He really wanted to be a good father, unlike his own, and he wanted to be secure in his work, unlike his colleague who got fired. Each night he went home tired, exhausted from all the work he'd done and the company sold his work for a profit, so although they wanted more, they were happy, in a way, that he was turning to stone. People are, after all, expendable, even when they think they are not. Even his boss got fired eventually.

Over time

Over time we adapt to certain stresses that eventually become the norm. My client in the backwoods of Canada was a first nation indigenous man whose fists had been registered as a lethal weapon. He had hurt many people and been in a lot of trouble but he was in tears in front of me. He'd methodically gone out searching for every boy who had teased and bullied him in school, and punched the living daylight out of nearly 40 of them since. My client had adapted to hate, he didn't even recognise it as anything other than "who I am" anymore. His heart and natural state of goodness, his good heart, had been buried along with his childhood memories of joy. Over time, he'd adapted to hate and in a few short moments, I helped him to un-adapt. I took him home, in a metaphorical sense, and he cried at the beauty of it.

Nobody does it for you

Hard work, strong opinions, obedience and one sidedness are just a few of the "pride" toxins that, over time, we start to identify with. We say "I am hard working" and puff our chest out. We say "I think that is wrong, or right," and we're proud to be on the side of good at a dinner party. We say "there's absolutely nothing to gain from that" when, in fact, there must be.

Telling Lies - Finding truth

I remember blowing out my candles on my birthday and being told to make a wish and not tell anyone because that would mean my wish wouldn't come true. Funny, because now, over time, I've come to realise that so much of my pain in life came from making wishes and keeping them secret. Over time, all is revealed. But do we have it? Time that is....

A day in the Life of You

You've got about 2 hours a day when you can be 100% switched on at high velocity. The rest is either recovering that energy or building it. Over time, you'll come to realise that every day is a stage performance and few performers can do their on stage routine in front of a paid and packed house, for more than an hour so. So, make the hour count and the rest, recuperate.

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