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Position - Heart and Soul is the Key

Perfect Performance

When it comes to performance, doubt is the enemy. The only real, sustainable solution to doubt is to be able to put your heart and soul into something.

There are no half hearted success stories.

Knowing that you want something just isn't going to cut it. It's not good enough. The pain and struggle of achievement must be backed by more than a mere intellectual commitment. The carrot on the end of a stick my cause action but it will not overcome doubt. The solution is to know, that you know, that you know, that you know what you want. This level of awareness, fully untouchable by doubt or uncertainty, is spiritual. It is only available from your authentic heart. This is one of Innerwealth's Innerwealth's key element in training and coaching.

Catching a Feather

Grabbing for a falling feather pushes it away. Instead, hold out your open palm and let the feather fall into it. Now this is a great understanding about Heart and Soul. Instead of searching for heart and soul, be patient, let it come. The guard who protects your heart and soul is your mind. It sees the dangers, wants things within time frames and doubts anything it can't see, feel or touch. So, your mind must feel safe for your heart and soul to be a part of your life. Mind control is therefore a key to putting your heart and soul into work and life.

Traditional Process

In my many adventures into the Himalayas, North American First Nations, Indian yogi's and more thing transcends the distances these culture's are apart, that is the importance of retreat for connection to self. Often with supportive substances but always alone, one must, to be respected as a leader, be willing to endure the honesty of being alone. Sometimes months, always days, the process varies but the intention is common. This is why, in your 30 day, Back on Track Innerwealth challenge, you are encouraged to spend time alone each day, contemplating your vision.


Traditional process were designed when people had a heap more time than we do today. So, I distilled the essence of traditional visioning process into the Innerwealth 30 day visioning.

To put your heart into it means you've connected within yourself and gone past emotions like desire, fear and adrenalin. This can become habitual and very healthy but, for our purposes, we only wish at first to find an authentic idea of our heart driven plan. The process we share in Innerwealth is a 30 day visioning. It involves three stages:

  1. Transition
  2. Position
  3. Strategy
Transition: Each vision session you will spend 10 minutes following a set of rituals that cause transitioning at the end of which, you will turn up in the present moment.
Position: Catching a feather is not meditation. It's a walk in the park. Being available for inspiration and connection to your heart and soul is environmentally influenced as well as other things. So, we just create the space.

Strategy: Transcribing the information that comes to you during the positioning phase is a key. Then, by placing this template into an envelope and storing it, tomorrow's vision is new. Here we are creating the testimonial that your conviction is real.


At the core of all success, performance, mental health and relationship happiness is Heart and Soul. Knowing the difference between emotion, thought, hope, fantasies and heart and soul is a great awareness for anyone who is ambitious enough to want, not only their own life to be great and inspired, but to cause a better world in the process.

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