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Self Leadership DAILY POWER HOUR

Do it Anywhere

Breaking it into chunks

You eat an elephant one bite at a time and you do Self-Leadership one minute at a time. We believe that your time is super precious and that sitting on your bum meditating is a quantum waste of time when there are better ways of being happy.

3 Slices

Slice your day into 3.

  1. Before work
  2. At Work
  3. After Work
You do not want to be doing stuff at work that should have been done before it. That would be the equivalent of learning ice climbing at the summit of Mt Everest... Our motto, "over prepare for everything"

At Work is Always Underestimated

Kamikaze work practices kill relationships. What do I mean? I mean working like an idiot without any consideration to the sustainability or endurance demands of it will lead you to a detox centre or ashram which will rarely repair the damage you've done by working dumb.

Partners Pay

Work life balance is for dummies. Balancing ignorance with life is no smarter than smoking cigarettes and wondering why you've got lung cancer. Stress kills. Anger destroys. Ungratefulness shatters the immune system. You know it so why do it?

Self-Leadership Means Profit

You can smell it. You can smell a person who is on track long before they open their mouth to speak. And visa versa. So, the vibe you put out to the world can be counted as the key reflection of the quality of self leadership you're doing. Innerwealth in this case, is the best.

An Hour A Day to Keep The Lawyers Away

Conflict is caused. Did you cause it? Are you reacting or acting? Are your emotions really worth your life and business? Is your depression really depression? You don't know this unless you really know yourself. That's the first step in self leadership

Enjoy your day.


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