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Spirituality for Corporate Life

This little sketch is the result of 35 years of personal study into spirituality in corporate life.

  1. It says "there's two sides to everything" it's the foundation of great leadership and the solution to all emotional drama, mental health and wise decision making.
  2. It says "you grow at the border of chaos and order" so you'll rarely find #1 unless you try - and so the ideal of inner peace is a myth, meditation is badly taught and much of corporate disruption is unnecessary.
  3. It says "As above so below" which literally means "the bigger your job, the better you need to "know yourself." which literally means, all things, including who you think you are, must change over time.
  4. It says "evolve or die" both personally and as a team, business and organisation because there is no end to the cycles of support and challenge, innovation has a purpose as do all things.
  5. It says "masculine and feminine forces can work in harmony both within a person and within an organisation, it's just a matter of knowing when to use either.
  6. It says "there are no accidents" nothing is in the way, only on the way which literally means with the right pair of goggles you can predict the future, design it, create it and enjoy the path towards it.
  7. It says "expectations block consciousness" which, in another era might mean that it'd be wise to understand the laws of nature so we don't stray too far into the social media universe when unreality is mistaken for reality in the development of good customer service and interpersonal relationships.
  8. And more...

This little sketch is the result of 3 broken marriages, a broken spine, a bout of depression, a near death experience in the mountains and building 6 companies from scratch.

  1. It says "nothing is missing in life, abundance exists, what we want is always there it just changes in form."
  2. It says "most human development programs fail because they balance one area of life against another "work life balance" for example, but that means nothing changes.
  3. It says "there are seven human consciousness areas" and the lowest feelings in one area dictate the feelings in all the others.
  4. It says "much of human development is fire fighting because we don't consider ourselves holistic humans, we just get a goal in one area that's hurting and try to fix it. It's like a mouse in a cage.
  5. And more.....

This little sketch took me 2 university degrees focussed on human behaviour, 35,000 people in my audiences, 57 trips to the Himalayas of Nepal and untold years in Yoga and Zen study:

  1. It says "when a person changes one thing in their life, it won't stick unless everything that anchors the old behaviour changes too.
  2. It says "changing your mind is temporary if the other things that have been built by that thinking don't change as well"
  3. It says "personal harmony can only come when the seven areas of the human growth cycle are in a common direction with each other.
  4. It says "human change is easy as long as we understand the anchor points that can resist change accidentally."
  5. More ....

This little sketch is my favourite image to understand why, in human development, enough is never enough, why growth is a constant, why self-leadership is the key to advanced wellbeing and healthy living, why stress is always a part of life and why we must continue to challenge ourselves in all seven areas of life to grow, expand and consciously consume and create more....

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