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You can't manage anything that you don't see the balance in:

If you view a situation as more positive than negative you are attracted to it. If you see the opposite you are repelled from it. Ultimately both those scenarios are delusional and give you power away. There cannot be an imbalanced situation and you find that out the hard way. (experience)


Lopsided perceptions cause depressions. Elation and depression are two sides of one coin. You can't be depressed without being elated. Both happen at the same time. One is conscious, the other might be unconscious.


Success can be caused by infatuation. (seeing the upside in something) but the resentment of an infatuation is always there, built into the moment. You can't have success in one aspect of life without failure in another unless you are detached from success - the helicopter view


Ever notice that when you argue and go for a walk alone, the argument seems less fierce. It's because when we are up close we polarise and trigger a one sided view. The further away we get the less polarised we become, called cooling down, and the less emotional we become. If only we could be less polarised in the moment of argument, then, there would be less of them or none.

Helicopter view

Take anything you are involved in. Go on an imaginary flight to the moon. Look back at your problem from the moon. It will definitely lose its steam. Hence, the helicopter view might need to be a space shuttle if the problems are big. Either way, step back from things frequently and they become manageable.

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