All human problems come from separation from nature.

This may sound like a bold statement but it is provable and true.

Managing expectations becomes the differentiator between individual performances. Whereas one individual might expect the sun to shine everyday, another might base their expectations on nature and recognise that it doesn’t. One of these two will be disappointed and depressed.

Love is nature. It is romantic and it is cruel. Love is not one thing. You have a light and dark side. Life has its ups and downs. When our expectations align with nature we are inspired by life. When our expectations misalign with life we become emotional.

Emotions feel right. Emotions are our stories, beliefs and feelings. Emotions are, however, lies. Emotions are lopsided thoughts. Can there be a lopsided situation? No.

Can there be a good without a bad? No

Can there be a right without a wrong? No

Can there be a positive without a negative? No

Can there be an upside without a downside? No

The greatest fight you will have in your life is to live with love. All teachings, ancient and modern, all religions, self help books, eastern and western, appeal to your emotions. Mass consciousness, TV shows, school teachers, governments, news casts, facebooks and mass media live, breathe and thrive on emotions. And yet, all emotions are lies.

When you make a decision to buy a washing machine you use emotions. When you buy cornflakes or peanut butter you choose based on emotions. At a funeral you can be drawn to grief for a lifetime by emotions. And yet, all emotions are lies.

If you were out in nature feeling the rhythm and you were not in a fluorescent shop buying your peanut butter you would feel your choices rather than emote them. In nature, there is no better or worse, there is simply the one you choose. It is always a good choice in nature, not based on chemical content or organic branding. That branding can only work when you are separated from nature’s rhythm.

Truth is a scarce commodity and yet, without truth, there is no love. Falling in love means falling past emotions but seconds after we fall, we sustain that relationship with romance which is emotion. A couple won’t copulate without emotion. And yet, love is not an emotion. This explains everything. There is a truth behind the truth. Books written and lectures presented on love often speak only of the emotion, liking, attracting, sexing, needing, wanting and yet, this is not love, it is emotion. All emotions are lies.

A sport identity will tell you that they are on a high, but that is how they are describing the indescribable. In a moment in time, so finite that it can’t be measured, a sport person might excel and in that moment experience love but there are no words for that moment, only a story can be told of the moments leading to it and those leading away from it, emotions either side. Past and future are emotions. Love is not an emotion. Love is a finite moment in time, achievable in any moment in time, if we choose it.

False expectations block love. You might be at work and say “my boss is an arsehole” and you are right. That is a truth, but it is a truth only half the time. Your boss is also an angel, the other half of the time. One can make great stories, great expectations, create a whole destiny based on emotions, but it will never lead to love nor sustainable performance. Sustainable is love.

Nature is sustainable. She has a single purpose. A single point of destiny. A reason for everything. So do you. You are nature, and you have a purpose. It’s wise to know that purpose because it brings you back to love from emotion.

A farmer once put their head out the window to check the weather. Based on that feeling they chose their chores for the day. Now the farmer looks on the internet and sees tomorrow is going to be sunny and plans to put up the new fence but when the farmer wakes up it is raining and she gets really pissed off, dissapointed, frustrated because the day doesn’t meet their expectations. Expectations block love and they also come from emotions and emotions are lies. The day is still perfect but the farmer can’t see it because they are in their expectations and now frustration (emotion) takes over and the farmer might take it out on her children, the cat or the dog. They might even feel stupid and now take it out on themselves when there is really no problem. Expectations not met make depressions. Depressed people are looking on the internet to see what tomorrow will bring and if it isn’t what they expected they take it out on themselves and others. Really, it’s a disconnection from nature. Can you see that?

Nature has a rhythm. You can go into nature and feel that rhythm but you may not understand that rhythm and so we must think so that we can find nature’s rhythm in the work we do and the family we have and the life we live. In all things there is a rhythm and that rhythm is nature’s rhythm. You can know how to feel nature’s rhythm in a supermarket or a washing machine shop or a sex shop or a bed, or kitchen or an office. Nature’s rhythm is everywhere. You cannot escape nature’s rhythm even when you die, you are still in nature’s rhythm. Love is dependent on nature’s rhythm and therefore to feel love you need to feel nature’s rhythm. Sometimes you will need to think nature’s rhythm but mostly you will simply feel it.

A rhythm is a vacillating oscillating energy. It goes up and down. Or In and Out. A rhythm must have a high and a low and if you can watch an oscilloscope or see music in it’s vibration you will see the rhythm is composed of above and below. There cannot be a half above without a half below. You know this and yet, all emotions are an attempt to cause a rhythm of love with only a half. To be all good, all happy, all healthy, all right, all successful is to cause an above without a below. And with this ridiculous thought, religions and societies have encouraged human beings to be separate from love.

When I am on the upside of a vibration I cannot feel love. When I am on the downside of the curve i cannot feel love. When I feel the both, I am love. So it is my duty to feel both, because at the end of my life I will only remember those events where, by thinking or feeling, I experienced the both, i experienced love.

It is winter time and our doors were closed yesterday and the heater was on and inside this bubble we made choices and wrote articles and made love. But we are separate inside this bubble and the rhythm is not nature but the music we play. Now the rhythm might be good or bad but it will not be love. It will be emotions and those are a 50/50 chance of a win. It is better to think nature, think nature’s rhythm than be a victim of emotions and environments that are disconnected to the real nature of the sun and moon.

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