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My job in coaching you is to keep you one step ahead, to challenge you, grow you, inspire you to be your best and yet, be aware enough about you to let you know when to take your foot off the accelerator, recover, recuperate and bring order to the delicious chaos called life.

It’s personal. And that is why we meet personally. Most of life’s interaction is feed and response to the demands of responsibility in our life but occasionally, and for total success, (happiness, love and enjoyment) - mentoring and coaching pulls you out of that zone and into your true heart. Beyond logic, beyond emotion, beyond day to day responsibility into the irresponsible world of possibility. It is not crystal ball gazing, it is not politically correct rhetoric, it is not an agenda based internal corporate coaching paradigm to build your career at any cost: instead it is your time, your time for self examination, your time to release bugs that are nesting in your mind, your time to re- engage in your self awareness.

Although it may sound self indulgent to invest in yourself in this way, it is in actuality the opposite: the real beneficiaries of your personal commitment to grow, evolve, expand and remain true to your heart are those you love, your direct reports, your family, partner, children and the charities you support. They are the ones impacted most.

Unblocking a blocked heart is a benefit to both giving and receiving love. You can’t love one person and hate (dislike) another. Stress is cumulative and comes home to spoil good intention. Work done in frustration is never appreciated nor rewarded in kind. And so, your investment in one hour a week in coaching and a few minutes a day in maintenance is rewarded 1,000 fold. Some of the reward we see and thank but some rewards we simply consume and don’t witness. And it’s this un-witnessed reward I think you can seek to value more. All too often in a material world we measure the result of effort in dollars gained or prizes consumed which is sad in a very proud way, because those are just a small fraction of the measurable results.

When I was a child my dad came home from work each day a mere skeleton of his real self. Angry, worried, tired, and feeling unappreciated he slumped into recovery which provoked my already challenged step mother to scream for attention. The cycle persisted for 15 years and eventually dismantled everything they had worked for and wanted. 20 years later and blind to the costs, I repeated the paradigm and ended with the same result. There is a better way and by coaching personal development this is my medicine to break such accidental cycles. Cycles we cannot see when we, as parent, adult or child look in the mirror.

So, let’s be aware of both the material rewards we achieve through personal development and the invisible rewards that come through a very direct, honest and personal coaching - keeping you growing, evolving, expanding and feedback to suggest when, if ever, it may be essential to take your foot off the accelerator in any one or two areas of life.

Love and Wisdom


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