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This Week In Personal Development

Why Being Abundant in Life Really Matters

It's an age old comedy, when you most need something, you never get it. Just try being single for a while an you'll know that there's a switch that seems to turn off when you want a date with someone (read here ...anyone) nobody seems interested. Then, the switch turns on, when you find a special someone, everyone seems to want to date you. Is there a math to this? Yes...

A more simplified example is when you need money and go to the bank for a loan. When you're really in strife and feeling desperate all the banks usually say no... some people even end up borrowing from loan sharks. But when you're making a fortune and your mortgage is a fraction of your income, and you don't even need a loan, everyone seems to want to lend you money.

Why Success Breeds Success

Abundance is a strange word. It means, in simple talk, "I got allot and can get allot" - Successful people exude abundance. A football team on a winning streak exudes it. A tennis player on a roll, or an athlete coming to first place has plenty of energy as they cross the line while those who come to the finish, even those who come second are always more exhausted. Success makes you feel successful and people invest in inspiration (abundance) never in desperation.

Do the math

So, you might test this by scoring yourself on the VIP chart.. where zero is absolutely destitute and 10 is totally abundant. Most of us would have scores in each area of life somewhere between 3 and 7 .... and that's great. It shows there are motivations and goals to improve, no complacency in those scores. But that's no what it means to be abundant. So as well as scoring ourselves on the "what's missing scale" of how we feel, we can also score ourselves on the scale of abundance. And that score must always be 10/10 in all areas of life.

How to Be an Abundant Person who Attracts What they Want

Human emotions measure good news versus bad to come up with your VIP score. This is what drives people to success and failure. But it's not sustainable and is really hard work. Lets call this the hard way to make a living and secure a relationship.

The easy way is very different. The "true" story, or the "innerwealth" view comes from another angle. It's based on the universal law of nature that states "nothing is ever missing it just changes in form" - So let me give you an example of how to apply this:

Applying the 3rd Universal Law of Nature

Ok, so I score myself 7 in health. What's missing is a significant loss in cardio fitness compared with younger people doing the same amount of training I do. So, on a bike ride, I'm scoring myself even lower than 7, maybe even 4 or 5. If nothing is missing - just changes in form, where is my missing fitness?

Firstly, I go around the other six areas of life and see where my fitness might be in another form... My relationship, my experience, my financial, my social, my career fitness or my spiritual fitness. I look for where there is fitness in another form in those areas of life and in doing so, suddenly realise I'm not missing fitness, it's just in another form.

Secondly, I look at my fitness, my body and look at the other aspects of it that i am not measuring in the cardio challenge i face on a bike ride. I can see, taste, smell, feel, my digestion works, my blood flows, my heart beats. And bit by bit I begin to see that Nothing is missing, I am abundant in fitness, it's just not purely in the form I want it for bike riding. So, now what?

Converting to Abundance

"If you don't appreciate it the way that you've got it you won't get it the way that you want it." Chris Walker

Nothing impacts the probability of you achieving anything you want more than appreciating what you've already got in the exact form it's already in.

This week's affirmation "I need nothing, I want nothing, I already have everything" Chris Walker

Positive thinking triggers negative thoughts. Gratitude can send you off on a chase for improvement. Abundance covers both the positive thinking angle and the gratitude mindset by combining them both into one single word "Abundant"

"Nothing is missing it just changes in form"

Chris Walker

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Those who think they have abundance attract more. This is the difference between pride and ego and true abundance. The ego is limited by what it can measure, the abundant person is limitless because they know, nothing is ever missing.

A closing story

When a person passes from their body, those that they leave behind can grieve on the basis that something, someone is missing. But they can't be.

Over the course of 40 years helping people in all walks of life, grief has been a major wound many people have come to me to clear. I have been able to use the nature's law of abundance to help every one, in a very very short time.

"What is missing" I ask....

"Cuddles, conversations, friendship, companionship, lunches, support, laughter, security'" and more are the answer from some....

Then I ask

"they can't be missing so who or what stepped in to replace those gifts the second that this person passed?"

The answers are always clear.

"So, what is missing I ask?"

And the answer is "Love"

And so I ask

"Close your eyes, what can you feel"

And the love is never missing.

"What you appreciate Grows ... Appreciate what you've got in the form you've got it and you'll get what you want in the form you want it. This is the essence of Abundance." Chris Walker

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