In my coaching sessions, I’ve been struck by the number of people of all ages who have told me that they feel as though they are in “transition.”

Yes, that’s the word that keeps coming up over and over. Transition.

“I just got out of college and I’m in transition.” “I just left my job and I’m in transition. “I used to be a lawyer and now I’m a stay-at-home mom, so I’m in transition.” “My kids just left for college…” “I just got fired from my job…” “My boyfriend just left me…” “My mother just died…” “I’m a caregiver and I can’t make ends meet and I’m in transition…” And the list goes on.

Transition, for so many of us, is indeed confusing and scary. It requires us to step into the unknown, and then reside there for a beat (or for quite some time). It requires faith. It requires courage. It requires strength, stamina and trust. Lots of trust.

Another thing I’ve learned is that transition requires silence. It requires getting quiet so that we can hear that small voice within. We have to still ourselves so that we can find that voice of ours that resides below the confusion and beneath the noise.

That is the voice that isn’t confused. That’s the voice that is clear. It’s clear, it’s strong and it’s all-knowing. It’s our inner voice, and it’s ours alone. It's our inner wealth.

At times when we may feel confused or unmoored, our inner voice is not.

And so, what I find myself saying to people I meet (and what I’ve said to myself in times of transition before), is to stay the course. Keep moving forward. Put one foot in front of the other. Take it one day at a time.

I learned this by watching my father stay at it through the disappointments, tragedies and hardships he faced along the way. I also learned this from my brother. Keep the spirit, he would tell me. Keep going. Have a purpose that’s larger than you and keep your eye on that.

I’ve also learned this lesson from others I’ve watched and listened to and admired over the years. All who navigated rough terrain. All who weathered transition. All who were able to stand up and move on. My goal with this article each week is to share with you the voices of people like these. Individuals who have moved me, uplifted me and made me think about how to keep focused on the path ahead — especially in times of uncertainty or transition.

So, if you’re feeling in transition today, keep going. Stay the course. You are strong enough. You have what it takes.

What I’ve learned is that slowly, the confusion you feel will fade away and clarity will break through. It’s there for all of us. Just take a breath (or two or three). Get up. Keep moving. And stay the course.

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