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What do you want for Christmas?

Not everyone participates in Christmas madness, but many of us do and so I write this blog today for everyone, even those who don't do Christmas for whatever reason. So, the probing question that lingers around for months leading up to Christmas is "what do you want?" - It's an important question, "what do you want?"

But it's not just a question for Christmas.

"What do you want?" is a question that scratches the surface of our true nature. We always want.... and it's important to know what that is. Consider this primal.

The second step is to know how to get what we want, which at Christmas for the poor young children of Christian parents, involves being something they are not, good. It's marketing 101, manipulation and bullying all rolled into a neat bundle isn't it? "Know what you want, ask for it, and if you're good, you might just get it." This is the root of depression by the way. False hopes and unjustified rejection. Strange how the cause can be reiforced by the same institutions that work on the cure.

So, it's innate and normal for us to want what we haven't got. The Buddhist solution is always "want what you've got" and that in essence is the message of Buddhist happiness. "Stop wanting" and through that, you stop "desire" which is, in Buddha's opinion, the root of all human suffering. And that's fine, as long as you sit under a tree and wait for the coconuts to drop out to feed you and the children.


We live in a world where if you sit under a tree too long waiting for the coconuts to drop in order to eat and feed the family, someone will invent an APP to determine which coconut will fall next and create a drone to go get it before it lands in your lap. We do live in a real world of nature, everything competes, even yoga teachers.

So, the first step in living in the real world is to know that "Want what you've got" will bring you happiness and when you're unhappy, it's best to remember this quote. It's actually possible to hold this awareness underneath everything you do in the real world, because it comes in the form of thankfulness, or gratitude. Be thankful and you'll be pretty much on track to live the Buddha's secret to happiness, on the inside of you, at least.

Now, let's deal with the outside. Inside you can be content, satisfied, - "An Innerwealthian" Ahh that's mobile meditation and it's really the secret to great Inner Health and Inner Wealth and Inner Love. But we gotta eat, earn $ and have fun, so, the outside involves a whole other dimension of awareness.

So let's step through the outside of life based on the fact that you've mastered "Innerwealth Contentment" - Power Thinking, Power Body, Power Spirit. (Inner Wealth)

1. How many forearms do you have on each side of your body? - One ... how many fingers? Usually 5. How many trunks does a tree have? One. And how many branches? Many .... So, you have one big want and many little ones. This is a great awareness, well done. Your one big want is your purpose, your many little ones are your visions, goals, inspirations and "love to's to Got to's" - From emotional needs to material needs and more. If the branches don't connect to the trunk of the tree they are dead, so if your wants are not connected to your purpose, they're just fantasies. This pattern, the one and the many is a universally repeated truth. If the trunk (leader) isn't strong enough, the branches (team) find another trunk. If the parent, partner, friend, captain, champion, lover, speaker, consultant isn't a healthy trunk, the branches, fans, friends, team, customers, clients, lovers, partner, children, run for cover. The suggestion "Get your trunk clear, be an "ON PURPOSE" person, and make sure your wants are lined up connected to your purpose.

2. Differentiate between emotions and materials. Emotions are feelings, thoughts, expressions, opinions, attractions. If your WANTS are emotional, then all you need to do is change your prescription on your sunglasses and you'll have it. We call this "spirituality" but really it's just mind control. Material WANTS are different. With material wants you need to be clear what you are willing to give up to achieve them. This vision setting process is critical to mental and physical health.

3. Mental Strength is an essential tool in all this because there are so many disruptions and interruptions - remember that we're dealing with people, other people and they breathe and eat, therefore they too have ambitions and wants, which means it's never simple to do what you want without disrupting something they want. This is the competitive spirit that causes human evolution. So, don't be surprised if what you want and what others want fall into some level of chaos. Therefore, mental strength, or what is better described as "the ability to handle change" is essential. We've covered mental strength this year, do you remember it?


  1. The GOAL SETTING Habit
  2. Positive Mindset (Abundance and Gratitude)
  3. Review and improve (1% a week means 50% a year)
  4. Focus - "know what matters"
When you write your Santa list of what you want this Christmas, maybe it's wise to add a few details lest you get what you want on one hand and lose something you've got on the other.
With Spirit
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