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Either by phone or in person you can explore how the 30 days will impact your life

30 Day Challenge $2300

For 30 days we work together sharing great skills and implementing them in real time so you can really see the benefit of each step. You'll enjoy this refreshing approach, a 3 day retreat turned into a 30 day challenge you do in your office or home. There'll be videos, learning and plenty to discuss as we journey toward your ambitions and goals for choosing this upgrade in your self-leadership and life.

Include the 30 Day Challenge in a 12 month Coaching Program $7600 ($150 per week tax deductible)

12 months of coaching includes an annual revisit to the 30 day challenge and you can save yourself $2800 by committing to the long term process of personal and business coaching. We'll schedule the 30 day challenge based on your workload and get started right away with solutions to create a richer quality of life at work and home.

6 Months Coaching (After the 30 Day Challenge) $3600

Mentoring and coaching sessions each 2-3 weeks online or in person. Strong focus on life balance and staying engaged, reduction in stress factors and quality of life. Goals will be set and tracked to help you benchmark your progress both at work and at home.

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