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What happens if I Don't Get the Back on Track Program Finished in 30 Days


During the 30 days there are opportunities to make up for lost days. There's a bit of space in the programme for this. If you need to go on a trip or take a few days for deadlines, we can extend up to 40 days... no problem.


If there's an emergency there's also a chance to go "on hold" for a few weeks. This type of emergency can be a disaster at work or personally.


30 Days is the best frame but not always doable.

Ongoing Coaching

Commitment to the 30 days can wax and wain with discomfort. As some of the pressure drops away within the first two weeks of the 30 days, it's often possible that you may choose the longer game, in which case you can shift the focus from 30 days to a 12 month coaching programme. We do still stick to the structure of the Back on Track but move progress to a longer period. This shift from 30 days to 12 months means purchasing the additional 12 month coaching on top of the 30 days

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