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What I Love About the Digital World

Real time feedback means that we can track what's happening in our life without the time delays normally associated with data collection. And a great example is this video. And this applies to business and relationships as well.

In relationship, you'll need to be tracking the affection, touches, kisses, smiles, smooches, compliments, help, friendly support you give. But you also need to track why you're giving and what you're expecting in return. If you're giving to get, then best reset the meter, because that just doesn't work. If you're giving to cause change in the other person, that's going to turn around and bite you in the bum. So, data is important but interpreting it is even more so.

In business, projecting any sort of trajectory such as the "j" curve of profit, or the sudden jump curve in performance has another name in digital language, "bull shit." Nature grows in cycles and the average growth trajectory of any business unit can be plotted as a "mean" between the oscillations of high and low. Be careful to separate delusion from illusion from conclusion. Nature's Universal Laws can show you how to be REAL and save yourself allot of headaches down the track.

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