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You can't manage anything that you don't see the balance in:

The vision setting process is a once in a lifetime learning that stays with you for life. You learn the difference between a fantasy about the future and a real vision. You learn to break down the vision into goals and habits in order to make it doable. This is an important experience. You also learn about living your values, vision and purpose rather than trying to please others which causes much personal self sabotage and pain.


Lost hope is awful and one of the more painful personal experiences one can have. To this end we created the vision program with a strong element of "doability" in it. This means chunking things into bite size elements. Also, we are cautious to challenge the "superhero" inside you that might feel like it can reach the summit of Mt Everest without doing the hard yards, the cause of much depression and disillusionment.


You'll never grow bigger than your vision and most people who do this program with me are high achievers who have, for the most part, achieved most of what they aimed for in life. They are now asking themselves why? Why suffer more when I have everything? Why not focus on family instead of corporate ladder climbing? Why spend hours away from the life I love for little or no financial extra reward. Vision is a question about this...


We drop into righteousness when we do not have a clear vision, and this polarised righteousness is dangerous for interpersonal communication. Clear vision keeps these unnecessary fights away.

Helicopter view

Take anything you are involved in. Go on an imaginary flight to the moon. Look back at your problem from the moon. It will definitely lose its steam. Hence, the helicopter view might need to be a space shuttle if the problems are big. Either way, step back from things frequently and they become manageable.


People marry each other's vision. Don't have a vision? Nothing to marry. Had a vision when you got married but now you don't have a good one other than pay bills, play golf and enjoy food? End of marriage. Visions make marriages glow.

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