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"those in the cheaper seats clap. the rest of you rattle your jewellery."

John Lennon

Innerwealth is an exciting program. If there are truths a person can be aware of that make the most difference in a life, they are enclosed in the work of the Back on Track program.

There are laws that run all things, from the tiniest atom to the universes and beyond, those laws are the universal laws, and they are available to all people. These laws also permeate your life, they determine the outcome of your actions, the thoughts you have and the way you feel. So it seems wise to align ourselves with those laws.

The ancients spoke of this alignment in many ways, however, modern religion and lifestyle have robbed us of these truths. We believe the solution to many of life’s problems and uncertainties lies in the awareness of these laws. They in themselves do little, but a person who is aware and aligned with these natural laws, can work miracles.

We are tired of the over prescription of drugs to solve problems the medical profession chooses to ignore, we are concerned at statistics that reveal that the current solutions to our social issues are actually causing an increase in the very problem they are able to fix. We believe that it is time for a change. To get back to the basics, to tune into the laws of nature, to bring those laws into our lives to allow us to be the magnificence we were all born to be.

To change the world change yourself. This program addresses the very core of personal change, it provides you with a time proven method for solving your life problems as they arrive, it gives you the formulae for healing and a way to stay healthy and on purpose.

Let’s all become more conscious of the impact of wrong thinking on the lives of people around us, let’s all become more conscious of the laws of nature and the separation of humanity as a result of the loss of this awareness, let’s all grow personally, put our heart and soul into what we do, have a inspirational vision, a loving relationship and perfect health. This program will, with your application lead to that end.

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