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Why More And More Business Execs are Choosing to be Permanently Coached/Mentored

No self respecting business executive would be without a life coach.

No self respecting business executive would be without a life coach. First and foremost, the primary objective of life coaching is to harvest and inspire a romantic personal life with a significant other. The second, is to extend life expectancy in a job where the greatest number of people of all occupations, die young. Third is about work based performance, and finally, and I think most significantly, is help in handling the ignorance one must deal with in the business world. (we used to say "stupid people" but that's politically incorrect and I'd never say that.

How much and how often

Have you ever watched poor kids play with makeshift toys? One game they love in Indonesia, Nepal and India is the rolling and old bike tyre, with a stick. They run along beside the tyre trying to keep it on track by firmly encouraging it with a small twig. It brings so much joy, so simply. Life coaching is exactly this. It's not about big smash hits of huge aha moments, nor should it be. We will all learn everything eventually, usually with 20/20 hindsight and at an expensive cost. Life coaching is meant to be preemptive, prepared and premeditated planning to be one step ahead of that expensive cost learning process. Smart people don't need to burn money with a match to find out whether money burns. Weekly online sessions are recommended and face to face each 2-3 weeks.

Who to choose?

Me, and I'll tell you why... Last week a client rang for his weekly session and asked about some interpersonal workplace strategy to deal with a big reaction he was having. Advising people about interactions and relationships at work is so easy, there's a million books and tens of thousands of academic papers written on the topic. For about $4,000 a person can qualify as a life coach and regurgitate that information. But there's a catch... relationships at work and relationships at home are linked. How many people do you know who know that. How many people know the impact of an emotional shift between you and your boss or client at work on your home life, children and family. They are inseparable and it's only with a holistic view that advice should be given in what appears to be isolated and compartmentalised issues, that are dangerously connected to home life.

How much to spend?

All healthy business, sport teams and performers spend in excess of 30% of pre tax income on creative direction. In executive life coaching we can subtract a huge component of this for self-leadership - the DIY life coaching process, however, we need that external sounding board, a double check, and most importantly, we need to take the responsibility away from our family, spouse and children to bring us up when we're down and bring us down when we're up ourselves. This is how you protect your family from your executive business life. You do your emotional and mental dirty laundry with a life coach. 5% of pretax income and make life coaching tax deductible, Means around 2.5% of income after tax.

Why not use company supplied coaching services that are free

For career development within a confined space, life coaching within the bubble is perfect. But it's not honest, deep or meaningful. Translating life coaching done under the watch of the business is like being coached to row in an 8 person rowing boat, the ultimate objective is to make sure you fit in the crew, no matter where the boat ends up. There's a dishonesty comes when someone else pays for your life coaching, it's understandable, you're not going to include your personal or domestic laundry in such transparent and not confidential environments. My coaching is mostly done outdoors, one on one, and nobody even knows the names of my clients, let alone, what they say. For me, this is a deal breaker in choosing the right coach.

Have you ever tried tickling yourself?

Many business people talk business or career with their spouse because they are afraid to think for themselves. They need approval and if the spouse thinks it's wrong, then it must be wrong. These are not my clients because I believe and can prove that a person who compromises their career path, work commitment or even personal choices for the appeasement of someone else, will fail. I gotta be honest with you here.

Do it

In Bondi we used to have ROCKTOBER a festival of bikies, rock, drugs and non stop parties. Now we have MOVember, where, the most daring thing people do is grow a bloody moustache. Come on!

The dilution of your spirit and the confusion of multiple masters makes you knowing you and having support in exploring you and your choices more critical than ever. That's why I do what I do.








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