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When relationships struggle, when people get stressed, when business' start to perform below expectation, or when children become discombobulated, you can guarantee that nature deficit disorder is involved. I've put this video below to demonstrate the most simple of nature's impact on our lives but even this video, sponsored by national geographic, misses the real opportunity.

The opportunity I speak of is the full biophilic integration of nature's universal laws in the way we think, our world view, the way we plan the future and most important right now, the way we interpret the present circumstances of our life.

Innerwealth is the only "human development program" on earth that integrates the full human being in personal, business and global change by embracing nature's universal laws as well as our influence on our environment, those around us and our inner being.

Total human awareness means that you are nature. There is no "us" and "nature" - you are the environment. There isn't a green tree or organic plant or rainforest that is isolated, we are all connected. And we are all subject to a bigger law than our opinions, emotions, moods, ambitions. It's wise to tune into the bigger story and then live and love in harmony with that universal story, rather than react and repeat. Enjoy the video and see if you can spot where the speakers are on track with universal laws and where they are off. For example: one person speaks of moss in forests being stripped and instead of fighting it, she finds a new way of delivering it. "NOTHING IS MISSING JUST CHANGES IN FORM."


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