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Why Pride and Suffering Go Hand in Hand...

The basis of Buddhism is a doctrine known as the Four Noble Truths. The First Truth is that suffering, pain, and misery exist in life. The Second Truth is that this suffering is caused by selfish craving and personal desire. ... The Fourth Truth is that the way to overcome this misery is through the Eightfold Path.

Ok, lets now talk Nature's Law

There's two sides to everything. All experience of pleasure, happiness and success is going to come at the cost of pain, misery and failure. Delusion, or pride, separates the two sides. The way to overcome this doesn't exist.

Here's the run down

Below is a screen shot from my Garmin recording a little bike ride I did for a few hours this week. A glance at it shows i went down hills and up hills. Ending up at the car where I first started. Down hill is easy. Uphill isn't. If I had an electric bike it would charge its batteries going down and rush up the hills using that stored power, but I'm, at best, a non energy consumer (recovery) going down and a user (energy) going up. So the question becomes, "how much am I prepared and capable of suffering?" If I don't want to suffer, then I can only ride downhills, which, in business speak, is failure, and in relationships is "taking each other for granted." Let's explore....


There are flat race tracks. You can find a place where your fitness and the power demanded to traverse the ground are not as demanding as a hilly ride like the one I chose. You can be single, have an easy job, live in a tent, pretend you are happy, not be motivated by anything outside of yourself, and so on... these are the easy rides, it's like playing soccer with the kids and thinking your dominance is a sign of talent.

If you're not suffering, you're not living" Chris Walker

I've heard many people say "I'm not suffering" and therefore they are claiming some level of spiritual evolution or transcendence beyond the material plain. Well, as I said to "Bank Of Queensland" at their annual booze-fest, Bulls**t.

If you are not suffering it's because you're not living. If there's no suffering in your work, you're bludging off the rest of the team. If there's no suffering in our life, we're bludging off society. If there's no suffering in our relationship we're bludging off our partner. If we're not suffering, we're dead. And yet, some people are proud of themselves when they are not suffering.

Get a Life

Most of us have never been through a war so we hear about suffering and we hate it. We've never been through a life and death experience and we hear about it and hate it. Most of us have been hurt or wounded by life (called suffering) and don't want to suffer like that again. Well, I got news for you. No suffering, no life. The more you're willing to suffer, the more of life you'll live.


There's a difference between suffering and misery. Suffering you can process and move to the next ordeal, misery sticks to you like dog s**T on your shoe. Suffering is success, earning the right to be confident. The lack of suffering, the goal of many of GEN Y and younger, is a lack of resilience to really do something great. I've seen it in my own extended family, where a silver spoon turned into a poisoned challis when the going got tough.

Setting Goals - Being Clear

Setting your goals this week, don't ask yourself what you want, because that's pure rhetoric. Ask yourself "What Am I willing to SUFFER for?" When you get that answer, you've got a goal you'll probably achieve.

If you want to be coached then suffer - because if you're not prepared to suffer for something special, you're uncoachable" Christopher Walker

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