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Why Self Talk is Vital for Success and Mental Health

How Self Talk Changes Your Life

I told myself I wasn't a great ice climber, I surrounded myself with people who agreed and laughed at me. I bought the best ice climbing gear available and went ice climbing. Half way up the ice wall, I froze, literally. And nearly died. What can I learn from this? I learnt that a lie (I'm not a great ice climber) becomes the truth if you say it often enough and you surround yourself with high school friends who repeat it back to you. We easily live a lie because self-talk travels with us from job to job, city to city, relationship to relationship.

If Self Talk doesn't change - nothing changes

All human development comes down to self-talk. We believe the lies we tell ourselves, most of which were embedded in us from the age of 6-12 by our well meaning parents. The parents who stuck your art on the fridge might be showing you that your creativity is worthy of acknowledgement, but the parents who gave you an ice cream for bringing home that painting might be saying you are worthless without something like art to prove it.

You can change your self talk

Meditation and yoga and psychology and medication won't change your self-talk permanently. Success' do. Lies do. Environment does. Buying expensive things doesn't. Changing people around you can, but usually doesn't. Changing what you wear does. Goal setting doesn't.

Change your self talk - change your life

Self talk is embedded in your skin, thoughts, friends, family, goals and priorities. If you're serious about change, you'll need to look at where your old self talk is embedded. Memories, stories, and more. Self talk can be permanently changed. Innerwealth Back On Track does it.

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