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    A Culture of Human Potential

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    Inspired Work

    Culture Change for Human Potential

    Chris Walker mentors and speaks to leaders throughout the world about the evolution of success. How to stay balanced in the storm, inspiration over motivation, a purpose greater than self and wellbeing at a supreme level. Walker challenges people to think, to question, to explore and wonder about new possibilities. His art of controversial exploration is exactly what is needed in a fast changing environment where people are culturally bound to “what we used to do” or how it used to be.” If you are looking for a refreshing, no powerpoint, inspirational consultant and speaker in human potential, culture change and personal development at work, inspired at work, to challenge your own and your team’s thinking at least give Chris a call and see what he has to offer.

  • How It Works



    Culture Audit

    A 24 hour review of your company culture (per location) , you'll get an overview of what is leading and what is trailing your strategy. Strategy, Structure and Culture compared and needs identified.


    Inspired Work

    A one day workshop for leadership, HR and other stakeholders in what can be changed, how and who in order to improve the culture - strategy - culture integration. Covers matters and debrief from the written Audit.


    Culture Change

    We'll present an accurate outline for human development at a culture change level and bid for the elements of the work we can support you with as well as encourage other training groups to cooperate and present.

  • Building Cultures of Human Potential


    Presentations on Inspired Culture Presented


    Audits produced


    People Impacted


    Profits Generated


    Create a great company vision, inspiration and purpose statement

    Empower the individual

    Lasting change can only be achieved when employees are personally inspired.


    Align personal inspiration to the company vision

    True Action

    Turn it into a cultural norm, a competitive advantage that can't be beaten.

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