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    Sharing and guiding over 50 trips up to the Khumbu Valley of Nepal over 35 years

    Chris Walker and Nepal

    Nepal has shaped me

    Chris Walker began his 35 year long association with Nepal after completing his MBA at the University of NSW in 1987. His first visits were personal as he was on a mission to learn from Nepalese culture a better way for Western Corporations to integrate a deeper humanity. Chris believed that Nepalese cultures offered the perfect formula for improved diversity, compassion and life balance while advancing the ideals of the Sherpa Mountaineering courage and commitment.


    The Mystical

    the joy of living

    At first he went alone but soon started to bring executives and friends to Nepal. In his words he became “addicted to Nepal” while he obsessed with bringing more and more of Nepalese culture to the world he also became totally committed to bringing people to Nepal to wonder and explore a different way of living. He has integrated this learning into his management consultancy business and promoted this new idea of human development with success in American corporations, Canadian government and of course, Australian business.

    The Healing

    you will be changed

    Chris has visited the Khumbu valley over 55 times. He started with sitting on the roof of the public bus to Jiri and walking up, but, with time and age, he now loves to fly to Lukla and walk a little more comfortably. His relationships with his friends in Kathmandu spans some 3o years, and his adopted communities in Namche Bazaar, Phortse and other Nepalese mountain areas have given Chris the opportunity to support many projects to help those in need in Nepal.

    The Humanity

    balancing perspectives

    As a friend of Nepal Chris has always reached out to help build tourism, support aid events and promote foundations set up to help children in difficulty.


    A spine operation a few years ago has reduced Chris’ frequency to Nepal but not for long.

    The Challenges

    altitude and attitude we grow

    Walking through a valley or trekking at altitude the key we find and get to explore in Nepal is attitude. Our complicated lives become simplified by the great awareness that we can be most happy quite often with less.

    Chris Walker and Nepal

    Nepal has shaped me

    "Throughout the journey of my life, and for the past 35 years, Nepal has shaped me in so many ways: her mountains have humbled me to the realisation of how small we are in this vast world, her people have inspired me by showing the absolute in love and compassion without effort or expectation. Her culture has shown me the true wonder of diversity and Nepal's recovery after so many hardships has taught me the true humanity of resilience. I owe Nepal everything."

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    Advanced Training and Retreats

    You are Unique - You Deserve a Unique Retreat

    Destiny Bali


    This seven day advanced educational program will expand your vision, inspire your mind, and motivate your body.

    This seven day advanced educational program will expand your vision, inspire your mind, and motivate your body to achieve the greatness and leadership you inwardly feel and dream you deserve. Imagine exploring the Universal Laws as they relate to all areas of life. Join me on a Quest for Spiritual Truth and Immortality; Mental Understanding and Wisdom; Vocational Success and Achievement; Financial Wealth and Prosperity; Familial Love and Intimacy; Social Power and Leadership; and Physical Health and Wellness.


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    My aim is to share the tools that you can use to create change in your own life and the lives of others

    My aim is to share the tools that you can use to create change in your own life and the lives of others. Innerwealth is a life changing process. It is unique and based on the Universal Principles. It solves problems, creates solutions, deals with Cause and effect and is a curriculum of the mysteries. Based in the real world it aims to provide you with the tools to make change that is helpful, conscious and permanent.


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    Destiny Nepal

    Trek and Retreat

    A Journey of The Heart to the Top of the World and Back

    An amazing journey focussing on self Mastery and Global change. Imagine a program based on principles of human potential, a futuristic approach to personal mastery set amongst the diversity of a people steeped in spiritual and cultural ritual. You will be guided by the worlds best, you will have the opportunity to individually explore all seven areas of life as well as enjoying a multinational group dynamic with a common mission.


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