"You Cannot Give What You Have Not Got"

  • How Much is It Worth To You?

    Your Career

    We can't give what we haven't got

    A great athlete would never consider a day without a coach, my partner Lotte, in her International career in Triathlon, has 11 coaches. Coaches can either be overall, or specific to a particular aspect of your life or sport. My coaching covers all seven areas of life because they are interconnected and inseparable.

    Your Family

    Human Nature Fully Empowered

    Who you are at work must not corrupt who you are at home. Compromise and stress must be kept to a minimum by working through headaches and challenges, ongoing coaching protects the sanitary of your home by helping you process anything that might come home and contaminate the sanctity of it.

    Your Self

    At home and at work

    I personally feel like shit once or twice a week, always have, always will, the only question is for how long. How long do we have to struggle or suffer with challenges? In my early years that answer is different to now. Now I help you get through those hard times in moments, rather than days or hours, (or weeks and months).

    Your Leadership

    Forget Work Life Balance. A balanced person is balanced in all areas of life.

    It takes a whole career to build a good leadership reputation and it can take just a few moments to destroy it. Having a sounding board on your team to help you process distractions, uncertainties and changes can be the difference between months of rebuilding and a few seconds of conversation.

    Your Heart and Soul

    Nobody does to us more than we do to ourselves.

    I know of no great person, music, business, art, politics and community who would deny that they have achieved greatness because their fully heart and soul was in their work. And those same people would confess to times when their heart and soul went out of it and needed repair. That's the big advantage of life coaching, to keep your heart and soul in whatever you do, regardless of the circumstances. .

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